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10 Cozy Things You Can Sew for the Winter

Note from Good's Store staff: Since this blog was published yesterday, we have received many requests for patterns and photos. Our intention was to give our readers ideas for simple sewing projects, rather than focusing on certain patterns. We are very grateful for everyone's feedback, and in the future, we won't have blog articles about sewing projects without patterns and photos! (Some projects can probably be found on Pinterest and similar sites.) 

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When the sun starts setting earlier and temperatures drop, our bodies and minds go into winter mode. We begin craving the taste of hot chocolate and candy canes, the scent of pine needles and gingerbread, and the feel of cozy sweaters and warm socks. Nothing can get you in the winter spirit better than bringing these heart-warming feelings to life with DIY projects. Below are 10 things you can make this winter to bring spirit to your home, family, and friends.

  1. Boot Cuffs

Put a little flair into dull, winter boots by making a few pairs of stylish boot cuffs. Instead of having to make a whole sock, just use your leftover spools of warm, chunky yarn to make an easy cuff that requires only simple knit and purl stitches or a circular loom. Pair these easy-to-make cuffs with your tall or mid-calf height boots and jeans, tights, or leggings.

  1. Pajama Pants

Pajama pants are one of the easiest types of pants to make. They are supposed to be roomy, so no fine tailoring, fancy pleats, or buttons and zippers are needed. An elastic or drawstring waist allows for a few extra sugar cookies or a second helping of Grandma's famous mashed potatoes and gravy. When selecting fabric, flannel, fleece, cotton, or velour make for super warm and comfortable pajama pants. Add pockets, cuffs, or even a loop on the back so they can be hung from a bathroom hook.

  1. Slippers

No pajamas are complete without a pair of cozy slippers. Slippers can be made of many different fabrics (think flannel, fleece, faux fur, heavy cotton) or yarn. Leave the bottoms soft or make them skid-free or waterproof with a sturdy sole. Sew on cute buttons, bows, patches, beads, or even sequins to make them unique.

  1. Ear Warmer Headbands

For people who don't like the restrictive or too-warm feeling of a hat, headbands are the perfect solution. These adorable and functional headbands can be made almost like boot cuffs with knitting needles or a circular loom or they can be made with fabric (think fleece, faux fur, sweater). Make your yarn headbands more intricate by adding twists or knots or attach flowers, beads, bows, sequins, or buttons for some decoration. Add elastic, velcro, or adjustable buttons for a more secure fit.

  1. Hand Warmers

Are your hands are always freezing? If so, these little pouches of warmth are just what you need. Keep a pair in your pockets, right beside the door, or in your desk drawer to cradle in your palms when you come in from the cold. All you need is a fabric that is safe for the microwave, rice or barley, and your usual sewing supplies. Sew the rice or barley securely into a palm-sized fabric packet. Be sure to reinforce the edges of the packets so the contents do not fall out. Just pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds then into your palms for a rush of warmth.

  1. Cozy Blankets and Throws

Snow, ice, and shorter days are wonderful excuses for snuggling up in a soft blanket on the sofa and binge-watching your favorite shows. Blankets can be fairly easy to make depending on the type you choose. Flannel, fleece, velour, and polyester fabrics are easy to work with. Attach a piece of flannel to a piece of sheepskin for a heavier blanket or round the edges of a piece of fleece and finish with bias tape for something lighter. Knitting with needles or looms are age-old techniques or try arm-knitting a chunky blanket or throw.

  1. Ponchos

Ponchos are always in style and not very difficult to make. They are basically blankets with a hole in the middle! Cashmere, wool blends, and waterproof fabrics are some of the popular materials for this year. A few spins on the basic poncho are to leave the poncho unattached on one or both sides and add buttons, toggles, or a zipper to close, make the poncho a circular piece instead a square for a flouncier look, add a collar that folds over, add fringe to the edges, or even attach a hood.

  1. Draft Protectors

Save on your electric bill by making sure cold air isn't entering your home under your doors or windows. Measure the width of the door or window with a tape measure and add an inch or two on each end. Use your favorite fabric to create a tube-shaped stocking and fill with rice or another type of stuffing. Reinforce the ends well to keep the rice or stuffing from falling out. You can even stitch together socks to make a draft protector and the ends will already be closed for you!

  1. Table Runner

Don't want a bulky tablecloth, but want your table to look elegant and festive? Make a simple table runner from your fabric of choice. Measure the length of your table and add several extra inches to each end so the runner hangs over the edges of the table at your preferred length. Fabric that is 1/2-yard wide will work for most tables. For design ideas, the edges of the runner can be fringed, beaded, or reinforced with ribbon. Sew on quilt squares, felt designs, or add beaded patterns for decoration.

  1. Reusable Hot Beverage Sleeve

Nothing is better than a warm cup of coffee, tea or cocoa on a cold winter morning. Sew a reusable sleeve to hold your cup so you can sip on your favorite pick-me-up on the go. Start with a rectangular piece of fabric, and sew a button on one end, and clasp, ribbon or hair tie on the other so you can adjust to fit different cup sizes.

To ensure your DIY projects are durable and long-lasting, use well-crafted sewing tools, fabrics, and materials. Visit our Fabric & Sewing department for the highest-quality goods on the market!


  • Thanks, everyone, for your feedback! This blog post was written to give creative ideas for easy winter sewing projects, rather than focusing on certain patterns. The next time we publish a blog post about sewing projects, we plan to include patterns and photos. We’re glad to learn what our readers want.
    We’re also glad you took the time to read A Good Word blog, and wish you happy sewing.

    Good's Store
  • there are many projects located on “Bernina we all sew” website and also “embroidery library” under projects. (just skip the embroidery part) These are reliable sites and I have gotten many good projects from both. You can sign up for news letters from “we all sew”. It’s great for projects and good sewing information. Happing sewing and crafting to all !!

    Thelma McIntyre
  • Yes, patterns please!

    Kathie Sweeney
  • Where do we get patterns for these things?

    Kathi Donmoyer
  • Yes, I agree,, pictures and patterns…..

    Connie Ward

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