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Harmony Essential Oil diffuser.
Harmony Essential oil diffuser in use.

Harmony Essential Oil Diffuser SDHMY


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Create a refreshing atmosphere in your home with your favorite essential oils.

Add a few drops of essential oil and 100ml of water and switch on the diffuser to enjoy essential oil's aromatherapy benefits.

Harmony Diffuser has two mist modes, with an auto-shutoff feature. Lights up with 7 different LED colors.

Includes a ceramic sleeve with an ivory matte finish, diffuser, electrical cord, and measuring cup.


  • Medium-sized ultrasonic essential oil diffuser
  • Use with pure essential oils
  • Holds up to 100 ml water


2 mist modes:

  • Continuous mist lasts about 3 hours
  • Intermittent mist, on and off about every 30 seconds, lasts about 6 hours



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