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How to Sew a Country Star Quilted Table Runner

Quilted table runner on coffee table

Here is an easy project you can do in a day! It makes a great centerpiece on a large table, or a runner for a coffee table or side bar. I made this to set under the three coffee machines on our coffee bar. You could use holiday fabric for the upcoming season. 

Materials needed:

5 Fat Quarters of your choice— 3 dark print, 2 light print

1/3 yd thin quilt batting

1/3 yd backing material

3 yd length of binding tape


Seam allowance: 1/4"


Cut out:

2 dark red square

1 dark navy square

2 light tan square

16 dark navy small triangle

12 dark red small triangle

12 light tan small triangle

12 dark tan small triangle

4 dark brown large triangle

8 light tan large triangle


Square is 4 3/4"

Large Triangle is a 5 1/8" square cut corner to corner

Small triangle is a 3 7/8" square cut corner to corner


Finished size: 36 1/4" x 12 1/4"


Lay out the pieces. I find it easier to lay out all the pieces so I can see where I’m at while sewing. Otherwise I might sew the wrong blocks together and who likes to pick out seams?

Layout of quilt squares


Once everything is laid out, start with the large triangles around the sides. Sew together one small triangle on the left of each large one. Press seams. For this project, I am ironing the allowance over to one side, rather than butterflying the seams.

Repeat that process for the small triangle on the right of each large triangle. Also sew the two small triangles in each corner, making 4 squares. Press the seams.

Sewing triangles

Sew together the blocks that you've created on each edge row, making two strips. Leave the end blocks as part of the center row.

Edge of table runner

Sew together two cattycorner blocks on each large square for the 5 center blocks. Press seams.

Quilt blocks


Now sew together the other catty corner blocks onto those, making 5 squares. Press seams.

Sewing Table runner


To make the center row, start with the end block, and sew together the large squares with corners. Press seams.

Sewing center blocks


Be careful to line up your seams, and sew the two edge strips onto the center row. Press seams.

Sewing quilt blocks


Layer the backing, batting and runner top. Secure with pins. Start from the center and topstitch around each center square, then around the edges of each star.

Quilted table runner with batting


Add binding.

Quilted Table Runner


Your Country Star Quilted Table Runner is now finished!

Finished Quilted Table Runner

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  • Thank you.. Will try Christmas fabric

  • Excellent tutorial! Thank you. Step by step leaves nothing to guess about.

    Kay monto

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