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Clothing Store in Lancaster, PA

Good’s Store sells a large variety of clothing to outfit the entire family.

As a store located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish and Mennonite country, owned and largely operated by conservative Mennonites, we sell clothing that appeals to Amish and Mennonite people, but we’ve found that our selection of clothing appeals to a wide range of people.

Clothing has a special significance to conservative Mennonite and Amish people, often serving as a marker of identity with a faith community or congregation. While clothing is not seen as inherently having religious meaning, it is a part of a lifestyle which does have religious meaning. The Anabaptist tradition of Christianity, of which Mennonites and Amish are a part, stresses the importance of living a life of discipleship to Jesus Christ in the context of being a member of a community of believers. It is often explained as showing love and commitment to Jesus through love and commitment to the members of His Body, brothers and sisters in the church. Part of that commitment includes how one dresses.

For conservative Mennonites and Amish, clothing is seen as stating something to onlookers. The message of one’s clothing should exemplify Biblical principles such as simplicity, modesty, and sex distinction. Conservative Mennonites and Amish tend to avoid clothing that is fashionable, form-fitting, or that fails to cover the body well.

Good’s Store sells a range of clothing that is used by conservative Mennonite and Amish men. The Weaverland Collection is a collection of dress clothing designed in Lancaster County by Good’s Distribution, manufactured in other countries, then imported back. The collection includes “plain” suits and vests (also known as “clerical” suits, because the band collar resembles that worn by clergymen in some Christian traditions), long-sleeve dress shirts, and hats made of nylon, straw, and seagrass.

Among the customs of the Old Order Mennonite and Amish men is wearing suspenders rather than belts, so Good’s Store stocks a range of suspenders. 

Some of them also wear broadfall pants, which do not have a fly or a zipper closure. The broadfall trouser is a legacy of the nineteenth-century style of men’s pants, the era in which the Old Order groups emerged as distinct religious communities. Good’s Store’s Weaverland Collection includes broadfall dress trousers, and we also sell broadfall work pants from Gohn Brothers Manufacturing, a company in Indiana.

Suits and shirts

Conservative Mennonite and Amish women primarily wear handmade dresses (although some will buy dresses, jumpers, and skirts). Good’s Store sells dress material and patterns for some styles of modest dresses, including those known as “cape dresses” (the dress has an additional cape of fabric covering the upper body). We also sell slips, which are undergarments worn under skirts, made by Flo-Ann Garments, a local Lancaster County business. We stock a line of sweaters and socks for girls and women called Lori Ann, designed by Good’s Distribution with conservative Mennonites in mind. Because conservative Mennonites and Amish view pants as strictly male attire, Good’s Store does not sell pants for women.

Lancaster County is well-known as the “Garden Spot,” an area with incredibly fertile soil, well-watered by creeks and rivers, with good rainfall, and so it has been a center of agriculture since the 1700s. Today it is also home to many other industries, including construction, manufacturing, wood-working, and other manual trades. Good’s Store has found that for the working men and women of Lancaster County, whether on the farm or the jobsite, Carhartt offers durable, well-made clothing that goes the distance. Good’s Store sells a range of Carhartt clothing for men, women, and children. Carhartt offers coats and jackets, shirts, pants, boots, socks, gloves, and accessories such as wallets and safety glasses. Good’s Store has one of the largest selections of men’s apparel from Carhartt in the region, as well as a wide selection of Carhartt clothing for women and children. Our Carhartt clothing is priced below the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, so you can get a quality product at an affordable price.

Other lines of men’s apparel include workwear from Dickes, jeans from Wrangler and Lee, outdoor clothing from Columbia, and socks from Darn Tough, made in Vermont. Good’s Store sells hats and caps of many shapes and sizes from companies including Carhartt, Columbia, Dorfman and Ozark. For the cold weather in the winter, we have baselayers and thermals from Indera, ColdPruf, and others, and ski gloves and more from Seirus.

One uncommon product which you will find at Good’s Store are belts made of Biothane. Biothane is a synthetic material used widely for equine harnesses by the Amish and Mennonites who use horse-drawn buggies and wagons for travel and for fieldwork. Biothane looks and feels much like leather, but it doesn’t stretch and is easier to keep clean. We sell several styles of belts made of Biothane by a local business, Yonie’s Harness Shop

Carhartt hats and gloves and Wrangler jeans

Ladies shopping at Good’s Store will find blouses and skirts from Southern Lady and other favorites, sweaters from Lori Ann, and jackets and coats from Under Armour, Columbia and Carhartt. We sell women’s shirts from Carhartt, Dickies, and Columbia. We have a range of socks from Darn Tough, Jefferies, TrimFit, Weaver’s Apparel, and other brands. We also have underwear and hose from Hanes, Bali, Playtex, Fruit of the Loom, No Nonsense, and Velrose.

One kind of skirt sold at Good’s Store is known as a skort. Skorts are very loose-fitting knee-length shorts covered with front and back skirt panels. Made of stretchy polyester, they are designed for playing sports or outdoor activities.  Skorts have become popular with some conservative Mennonites and others interested in a modest option for athletic use. Most of the skorts sold at Good’s Store are handmade in Lancaster County by a Mennonite-owned small business.

Sweaters and Socks
Many of the main brands of adult clothing sold at Good’s Store are also available in children’s sizes. The Weaverland Collection includes dress shirts for boys, and the Lori Ann line of sweaters includes girls’ sizes. We also sell the Adurable collection of baby clothing and accessories, designed by Good’s Distribution. In keeping with the agricultural heritage of Lancaster County, we sell John Deere children’s clothes, and also children’s sizes from Carhartt, Columbia, and Under Armour. We also have baby clothing and products from Gerber, Little Me, Carter’s, Nuby, Huggalugs baby hats and bonnets, and Wee One hair bows. We have a good selection of baby socks from Jefferies and Weaver’s Apparel.

Children's Clothing

So if you are looking for clothing for anyone, of any age, check us out at Good’s Store. We’ve got general apparel, with a focus on workwear and modest clothing. While we recognize that this appeals to our conservative Mennonite and Amish customers, we’ve found that many, many other folks like to shop our selection too.

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