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How to Sew a Garden Apron

Looking for a new sewing project you can use and enjoy? Karen, one of our long-time Good's Store employees, has put together this sewing tutorial to sew your own apron! Karen used fabric from Moda's The Front Porch Collection for her apron, but any cotton fabric like Moda prints  or these cute Shore Thing fabrics would work just fine.

Materials needed:

3/4 yd main fabric and 1/2 yd accent fabric for the pocket

2 packages double wide double fold bias tape



Easy Apron pattern

1. With the main fabric folded in half (selvage to selvage) trim 6" from the side. This fabric will be for the ties and neck strap.


How to sew an apron

2. Cut 1 of the 6" strips into 3" widths


Apron tutorial

3. From the folded edge of the apron fabric measure and mark 6" across the top and 12" down the side. Use a pencil to connect the 2 measurements. Take a dinner plate and round the corner and cut away the excess fabric.


How to sew an apron

4.Open the  accent fabric and fold it in half top to bottom with right side out. Lay the folded edge facing the apron top and the raw edge even with the bottom edge of the apron. Remove the excess pocket fabric so that all edges are even.


Cutting out fabric for sewing apron

5.  Using painter tape divide the pocket into sizes of your choice.


Sewing apron

6.  Stitch along the side of the tape to secure. 

Sewing Blog

7. Fold apron in half right sides together and using a plate round the bottom edge of the pockets. Cut. 


How to sew apron

8. For the ties, fold each 3" piece in half and stitch with right sides together leaving 1 end open for turning angling the opposite end if desired. Turn and press 

Sewing tutorial for apron

9. Repeat step 8 for the neck strap adjusting length to your desire.


How to sew an apron

10. Pin the ties to the wrong side of the apron with the edges even at the top and the seams facing down. 


how to sewing blog

11. Beginning at the top edge where the tie is pinned sew the binding around to the other side. When open, double fold binding has 2 sides, one that is slightly wider than the other. Stitch on the fold of the narrow side. Fold the wide side over to the front of the apron and topstitch. 


Apron sewing blog

12. Stitch binding to the inside curves of the apron starting at the tie. Tuck the starting end of the binding in to create a finished edge. Turn binding and topstitch.

13  Pin neck strap in place and apply binding in the same manner. Topstitch the ties and neck strap in place (optional)


 Wearing finished apron

14. ENJOY your new apron!

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  • I love this learning to sew an Apron for gardening ! Just in time for planting, the pockets could hold seeds or markers for your plantings. Great ideal! I hope there’s more this summer or every other week. Thanks

    Mary L Fake
  • This is really nice. A good “first” project for my granddaughter over the summer..thank you. Oma R.

    Rosie Ruyak
  • Dinner plate! Brilliant Karen!

  • This is a good idea for you to start showing easy sewing projects. How about a simple adult bib for our elderly family members.

  • Do you have sewing classes at the store or elsewhere for beginners?

    Thank you,


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