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Make Your Own Dresser Scarf


 Sewing project

Hello Readers!

I recently got a new dresser at a used furniture store, for only $40. It looks good, but I've always liked having a dresser scarf of some kind on top, to keep the top nice. So I made a simple pieced one and thought I’d share it with you so you could refresh your dresser for spring too! Since I will likely wash my dresser scarf, I used some prints from the newest shipment of Tropical Breeze fabric because they wash better than 100% cotton in my opinion.


Materials & Tools Needed:

¼ yd. each of 3 coordinating prints

1 yd. white poly cotton for the backing, cut in half at the 18” points, sewed together in the center to make one long piece

Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter


Step 1:

Cut fabric

Trim off the ruff edge of the ¼ yd pieces


Cutting fabric

Cut one piece into 2” strips for the inner edge. One of these, cut out two strips 12 ¾” long for the ends.


Measuring and cutting fabric

Cut one piece into 3” strips for the outer edge. One of these, cut two strips 17 ¼” long for the ends, and 4 blocks 2” long to add to the sides.

Step 2:

Sewing fabric

Sew the narrow strips onto both sides of the center.


Ironing the fabric

All the seams in this project can be ironed in towards the center.


Step 3:

Step 3 sewing project

Sew the short narrow strips onto both ends of the center.

Sewing project

Press seams.

Step 4:

Sewing project step 4

Sew the 2” blocks onto the ends of the long wider strips.

Step 5:

Sewing project step 5

Sew the wider strips onto both sides.


Press seams.

Step 6:

Sewing project step 6

Sew the short wider strips onto both ends.

Pressing seams


Step 7:

Sewing project

Center the pieced scarf face up on the white backing, which is laying face down. Pin in place.

Sew around the edges, ¼ from the edge. Trim off any extra white that sticks out past the top.

Step 8:

Sewing Project

At this point, you could sew binding on the edges to finish your dresser scarf. I simply serged the edges.

Step 9:

Adding lace to project

Another unique touch would be adding lace around the edges!

The finished project, on my new dresser.

Finished dresser scarf



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