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The Perfect Gifts for Seamstresses

Fabric Sewing

Do you have family members or friends that love to sew, quilt or craft? Our fabric and sewing supplies make great gifts for the holidays! Following are several items that any seamstress, quilter or crafter would love to receive.

Girl’s Dress Pattern

Sew Easy Girl's Dress Pattern

Whether she’s a seasoned seamstress with numerous handmade clothing items under her belt, or just getting starting making her own clothes from scratch, this Girl’s Dress Pattern from Sew Basic is a perfect gift. It’s simple and easy-to-use for first-timers, and a fun project for veteran seamstresses to hone their skills. The pattern pack includes two style options, and was specially designed by a Mennonite homemaker from Lebanon County, PA. A fun and functional gift at just $8.95.


Mettler Thread

Nothing is worse than running out of thread in the middle of a sewing project! Help ensure that doesn’t happen with a variety of thread spools! All of our thread is high-quality 100% core spun polyester, which won’t break or tear easily, and can be used to sew cotton, synthetics, fabric blends, linens or silks. Choose from a mix of blue, green and purple threads, brown, gray, white and black threads, or red, yellow and orange threads, or pick a bunch of colors for a rainbow effect at just $1.95 each.


Dritz pins

Pins are another useful item that any seamstress can never have enough of! These extra-fine ball-head Dritz pins come in handy plastic box with a lid. 250 pins per pack for just $6.89.

Dressmaker Scissors

Gingher Scrissors

An essential tool for any sewist, these strong, sharp Gingher Dressmaker Scissors cut through layers of fabric like butter! The 8-inch blades and comfort handle are great for cutting and trimming fabric for making dresses or other clothes, making curtains or pillows, quilting and other projects. If your loved one is a lefty, make sure to get them the left-handed version. Both are just $29.99 each.

Pinking Shears

Gingher Pinking Shears

 Seasoned seamstresses love these shears! The zig-zag cut produced by these Gingher Pinking Shears prevents fabric from fraying or unraveling too quickly, and creates a unique fabric edge on craft projects. A fun and useful addition to any sewing basket for $37.99.

Pattern Weights

Pattern weights

This is one of those items that you didn’t know how much you needed it until you try it! These Pattern Weights by Dritz help keep patterns and fabrics from slipping, allowing seamstresses to cut faster and more accurately. And because they won’t need pins to hold the patterns in place, they can reuse the patterns again and again, saving time and money in the long run! A great investment and gift at $12.79.

Retractable Tape Measure

Retractable Tape Measure

The Dritz Retractable Tape Measure is a welcome addition to every sewing basket! It helps keep the sewing station tidy, and makes measuring all types of sewing and crafting projects easier. The tape won’t stretch when pulled taut and springs back into the plastic case when they’re done measuring. At $5.99, it’s an affordable and handy sewing essential.

Fabric by The Yard

Moda Fabric by the Yard

Any serious sewist will delight in receiving more fabric! Do you know the brand or type of fabric she loves? Get a large supply of that kind. If you aren’t sure or want to give her something new, select a variety of different types with our fabric by the yard. Fabrics start at just $3.99 a yard.

Gift Cards

Good's Store gift card

Still not sure what to get the seamstress in your life? Give them a Good’s Store Gift Card and let them decide! Our gift cards come in increments of $10, $20, $50 or $100, and you can choose from a variety of fun designs, such as cute puppies, majestic butterflies, a regal moose, or pretty flowers. Gift cards can be used online or in-stores.

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