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Bears, Prayers, and Airplanes book
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Bears, Prayers, and Airplanes by Matt Snader Book 7

Alaska Adventure Books

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Alaska life with the Snaders is never dull! In Bears, Prayers, and Airplanes, the Traveling Dog Salesman, Matt Snader, and his wife, Marlene, decide to take flight lessons. They also purchase a 239-acre campground and find that managing a campground is harder than anticipated.

Matt shoots his first moose (and later realizes he did so illegally). The family purchases a stretched H2 Hummer. They travel to a remote village to hunt with another family (seventeen children total).

Their church startup moves from the Snaders' basement to a newly purchased building, which keeps getting broken into. Boat problems keep happening — the Snaders are either being stranded by tides or worse, getting called by the Harbormaster that their boat is slowly sinking.

It's just another year with the Snaders in Alaska! Fun reading for the entire family.

  • Author: Matt Snader
  • Published 2018
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages