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Mettler Metrosene polyester thread in assorted cool colors.
Turquoise Blue thread.
Royal Navy Thread.
Hint of blue pale blue thread.
Nordic Blue Mettler thread.
Blue-Green Opal
Aqua Thread
Island Waters
Spanish Moss
Olive Drab
Pine Cone dark green
Dark Blue
Deep Purple
Blue Jean Color thread.
Tropical Blue thread.
Night Blue Mettler thread.
Caribbean Blue thread.
Laguna Blue Thread
Truly Teal
Erin Green
Spruce Green
Bottle Green
Darkest Blue
Purple Twist
Purple Violet
Bellflower blue Mettler thread.
Royal Blue thread.
Mountain Lake Bluegreen thread.
Ocean Blue thread.
Rough Sea
Silver Sage.
Mint Green
Field Green
Holly dark green
Concord Blue
Delft Blue
Twilight Purple
Wave Blue Mettler thread.
Summer Sky Blue Metrosene Thread
Sweet Boy Blue thread.
Winter Frost color thread.
Blue Shadow.
Deep Aqua
Mystic Ocean
Kelley Green
Frosted Mintgreen
Common Hop dark yellow green.
Forest Green
Light Midnight
Ash Blue
Rosemary Blossom
Colonial Blue Mettler Unverisal thread.

Blues, Greens, and Purples 9161 Thread

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The perfect choice for all your sewing needs, Mettler Metrosene thread can be used to sew cotton, polyesters, blend fabrics, linen, and silk. Extra-strong and durable thread.

  • 100% core spun polyester
  • 164 yards/150 meters
  • Weight: 50
  • Linear density for all colors: ca. Nm 63/2 (dtex 161*2)
  • Tensile strength: c. 1430
  • Needle Size 80-90
  • Won't shrink or fade quickly
  • High tensile strength
  • Optimal elasticity
  • Silky feel, rich-looking colors
  • Designed in Germany