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S2BP Black Shenandoah Button On Suspenders
White Shenandoah Button On Suspenders
GRD Shenandoah Button On Suspenders
BLS Shenandoah Button On Suspenders
NVY Shenandoah Button On Suspenders

Button On Suspenders S1BP S2BP S3BP


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Shenandoah Button On Suspenders for men and boys for everyday use.


  • Colors and sizes vary
  • Adjustable straps
  • Prices vary
  • Button on suspenders


To get the correct size measure from the side-back waistline, over the shoulder to the side-front waistline. Suspender sizes are quite flexible. Sizes listed here are the max length and they can be adjusted to a shorter length.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clarence Turner
suspenders and pants

I ordered the suspenders to go with the black broadfall work pants. I have not worn them yet , i waiting for the weather to warm up a little so I can get back outside between the barn and the garden and fields

Jonah S.
Great simple suspenders!

There's many different suspender options out there, that's for certain. These are catered to the Amish & Mennonite of the local area in PA because of the way they're made. If you're Amish or Mennonite and looking for a pair, check with your district's traditions on the width. Ours uses the 1" width, button tabs in front with 2 singles in back, and the plastic adjuster piece in the back. As a lifelong suspender wearer, I can't compare these to a belt, but I can compare to other suspenders I've had over the years. In comparison, they're comfortable. The size I got was 52, but that's so I can have the extra room for adjusting and grow into them as well. I never tell that they're there, and trousers are always in place. I'd say the quality is good, and honestly, similar as every other good suspenders I've had. On the black suspenders, the inside is white, outside is black. The white doesn't show. The material isn't pure leather, which is great - it doesn't rub and stick on your shirt so when you're working, bending over, and everything else, your shirt isn't tugging at you because the suspenders has a hold on it. No problem there! Good luck with the suspenders if you decide to get them!!