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I'll See You in the Morning Book by Patty Martin

Carlisle Press

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Growing up in poverty during the Great Depression was hard, but for young Norma Brenneman, watching her parents' unhappy marriage disintegrate was even worse. By age thirteen, Norma was virtually on her own, making decisions without anyone to guide her. Would she choose the path of her parents, or was there a better way?

Based on Norma's memories and diaries, this is not just a personal story, but a fascinating look into childhood in the 1920's and the Mennonite community in Brutus, Michigan.

  • Pages 414
  • Softcover
  • Based a true story
  • Author: Patty Martin
  • Published by Carlisle Press

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laurie Handzlik
Wonderful, encouraging book!

I read this entire book within just a few days! I was so encouraged by the way Norma leaned on the Lord for her help to serve her family and friends tirelessly, and to forgive those who had wronged her. She was very prayerful, compassionate, and flexible to whatever God asked her to do, and I was moved to tears several times….mostly tears of joy!
Thank you for sharing this story! I’d love to be able to read “Aaron and Amanda Shirk of Laurel Hill” if anyone knows where I can find a copy!

Thanks for your review. The book you mentioned can be found by calling Louise Martin. We will email you her phone number.

Ray Brenneman

Thank you Patty. I remember a few years back you said you were doing this. Little did I realize it would come to such insightful fruition because I was very interested in the history. A lot of what I had been unaware off. Thanks again. Cousin Ray