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Johnny Apple Peeler
Heavy cast iron apple peeler
Johnny apple peeler from VKP Brands
Peeling apple with hand-cranked peeler
Peeling potato with hand-cranked peeler

Johnny Apple Peeler with Suction Base VKP1010

VKP Brands

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Prepare apples for apple pie quickly and easily with Johnny Apple Peeler! Just put an apple on the shaft and turn the handle until your apple is peeled, cored, and sliced. Johnny Apple Peeler can also be used to peel potatoes easily.

Johnny Apple Peeler is made from cast iron and needs no electricity. A long-lasting, high-quality apple peeler that should last year after year.

From VKP Brands (formerly known as Victorio).


  • Can peel, core, & slice
  • Core & slice without peeling


  • Peel, core, & slice
  • Peel potatoes without slicing

Other features:

  • Super strong suction base fastens to your tabletop
  • Body made from durable cast iron with baked enamel finish
  • Nickel plated steel shaft and fork
  • Adjustable stainless steel peeling blade and core and slicing blade.
  • 5-year warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Butt
great product

I gave this one 5 stars because I love it. There is one small flaw but that is easy to work with and does not make the product harder to use or less convenient. So I ordered this and as always Goods was great about shipping and communication. I needed it top do 3 cases of apples into apple sauce and apple butter. Yes I know you don't need to peel or core but I use the peels and cores for apple jelly. There was some assembly required which was very easy. I made sure the table I was placing this on was clean and once assembled locked down the base. The apples were process so fast through this stage of the game is was silly. When I was done the clean up went fast and easy as well so I could store it for next year.
Okay the flaw was small and easy to fix. The base will slip. I just hold my hand on the body of the peeler and that makes it so it doesn't slip. Does it slip every time NOPE! Just every once in awhile when I was spinning the handle like a mad man at war factor speed 10. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing a great and easy to use peeler and corer. I would imagine my grand children will be using this product when I get to old to can

philip doring

Got what I was looking for. So many items are cheap knockoffs. Very happy to get the real thing. 71 years old and remember when everything was well made.

arthur pontow
Johhy Apple Peeler

Works better, and seems to be more robust, than the P.....ed Chef model we used previously.

Looks Well-Made

I purchased this for the upcoming apple season (it's August, 2020). From what I have seen on videos, this product works very well. As this is my first season canning fruits, I can only anticipate that this device will makie processing apples a "doable" project. Thanks, Good's Store!