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Bismoline powder bottle
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Medicated Powder 01270 7.25 oz


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Use this Bismoline Medicated Powder 01270 to relieve minor skin irritations and discomforts like chafing, itching, prickly heat, athlete's foot, and diaper rash. Safe for babies and adults, Bismoline powder's unique formula provides a protective film on skin that absorbs moisture and comforts tender skin.

Sprinkle on after bathing or showering, or after diaper changes. Sprinkle on the bottom of feet or inside shoes to treat athlete's foot.

Original refreshing scent, with deodorant action for freshness.

Ingredients: talc, boric acid, zinc oxide, bismuth subnitrate, magnesium carbonate, fragrance.

  • 7 1/4 oz
  • Medicated adult and baby powder
  • Soothes, comforts, and cools
  • Has been used since 1902



Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
James Thomas
Good Store online service

I am extremely happy with the ease of online shopping and quick delivery.

Lisa S
Great powder

My Mom’s visiting nurse recommended this powder while I was caring for her. This stuff is amazing. If there was any chafing, I applied it and it was gone the next day. My mother-in-law uses it now and always has an extra bottle in the cabinet.

Richard Minarchin
Must Have

This powder is absolutely the best for skin and in your shoes. I’ve used this product for over 30 years. Goods store was fantastic in price and shipping was fast !

Shelley Knoske

Great service! Fast and friendly!

Jeanne Uber
Great products at Excellent prices!!

Been buying this powder for about 3yrs.... I have suggested to other people and they have been just as satisfied!!! Will continue to purchase.