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Pale Rose 11mm buttons
Pale Rose 14mm buttons
Pale Rose 19mm buttons
Rose 11 mm buttons
Rose 14 mm buttons
Rose 19 mm buttons
Red 11mm buttons
Red 14mm buttons
Red 19mm buttons
Bordeaux 11mm buttons
Bordeaux 14mm buttons
Bordeaux 19mm buttons
Yellow 11mm buttons
Yellow 14mm buttons
Yellow 19mm buttons
Pale Peach 11mm buttons
Pale Peach 14mm buttons
Pale Peach 19mm buttons
Green 11mm buttons
Green 14mm buttons
Green 19mm buttons
Forest Green 11mm buttons
Forest Green 14mm buttons
Forest Green 19mm buttons
Light Blue 11mm buttons
Light Blue 14mm buttons
Light Blue 19mm buttons
Midnight Blue 11mm buttons
Midnight Blue 14mm buttons
Midnight Blue 19mm buttons
Lilac 11mm buttons
Lilac 14mm buttons
Lilac 19mm buttons
Beige 11mm buttons
Beige 14mm buttons
Beige 19mm buttons
Tan 11mm buttons
Tan 14mm buttons
Tan 19mm buttons
Brown 11mm buttons
Brown 14mm buttons
Gray 11mm buttons
Gray 14mm buttons
Gray 19mm buttons
Black 11mm buttons
Black 14mm buttons
Black 19mm buttons
White 11mm buttons
White 14mm buttons
White 19mm buttons

Pearlized Buttons with Raised Edge


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These Pearlized Buttons with Raised Edge will dress up any sewing or craft project! They have a pearlized finish and feature an edge that is slightly more elevated than the center.

  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • 2-hole
  • Sew-through


Number of buttons according to size:

  • 11mm - 7 buttons per pack
  • 14mm - 6 buttons per pack
  • 19 mm - 5 buttons per pack

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Carmen Santiago

I like to buy in this store 🌏🤩