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Mettler Thread in Assorted warm color shades.
Geranium Red thread.
Rose Quartz pink thread.
Erica Dark Rose thread.
Pomegranate thread (dark red).
Bright Ruby thread
Cardinal red thread.
Hot Pink Thread.
Iced Pink thread.
Roseate Dark Pink thread.
Tea Rose thread.
Strawberry thread.
Petal Pink thread.
Tropicana Pink thread.
Persimmon pinkish red thread.
Country Red Mettler thread.
Heather pink Mettler thread.
Corsage peach rose color Mettler thread.
Paprika Mettler Metrosene thread.
Salmon Color Metrosene thread.
Tangerine color Mettler thread.
Starfish pale peach Mettler thread.
Chiffon pink Mettler Metrosene thread.
Blush Metrosene polyester thread.
Red Planet Metrosene 100% polyester thread.
Winterberry dark red thread.
Kidney Bean Dark Reddish Brown thread.
Elderberry dark red Mettler thread.
Bordeaux dark red thread.
Brick Mettler 9161 thread.
Brick Red 9161 Mettler Thread.
Pumpkin Mettler thread.
Liberty Gold thread.
Candlelight Mettler 100% polyester thread.
Buttercup color thread.
Summersun yellow thread.
Wintersun pale yellow thread.
Lemon Frost Mettler thread.
Cornsilk yellow thread.
Gold Mettler Metrosene thread.
Palomino yellow brown thread.
Star Gold thread, 100% polyester.
Squirrel Mettler Metrosene 100% core spun polyester thread.
Brass Color Mettler thread.

Reds, Yellows, and Oranges 9161 Thread


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Excellent quality all-purpose thread for all your sewing creations. Mettler Metrosene thread can be used to sew cotton, synthetics, fabric blends, linens, or silk. High-quality thread that won't break or tear easily.

  • 100% core spun polyester
  • 164 yards/150 meters
  • Weight: 50
  • Linear density for all colors: ca. Nm 63/2 (dtex 161*2)
  • Needle size 80-90
  • German design
  • Universal use
  • Shrink-proof
  • Colorfast
  • High tensile strength, tensile strength: c. 1430
  • Optimal elasticity
  • Silky to touch, beautiful rich colors

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