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tell me the stories of Jesus book

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus book by Caleb Crider, Illustrated by Alex Brover

Christian Light Publications

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A beautifully attractive way to lead children to the knowledge of Jesus.  Seventy stories from Jesus' life on earth, each illustrated with a high quality full color oil painting in the hardcover book.  Designed for reading aloud, and including three questions for each story to prompt interaction and discussion.  

The combination of Biblically accurate stories and heartwarming illustrations will begin to shape a concept in the minds of children that becomes more complete as they mature, that of Jesus as mighty Son of God yet a compassionate Friend, and worthy of trust.


  • Item#: 265100
  • Pages: 166
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Christian Light Publications

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Book!

We read from this book to our babies (18 months and 6 months) each day and they sit, listen, and look at the beautiful illustrations while we read. The stories are simplified and presented concisely, but not changed in any way from Scripture, and Jesus is indeed shown as a kind and loving Friend! I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to introduce their children to Jesus early!