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Alaska Adventure Book Last Flight of the Limo
Back cover of Last Flight of the Limo book

The Last Flight of the Limo Book 9 by Matt Snader

Alaska Adventure Books

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The Snader family Alaskan adventures roll on! After many years of not-so-faithful service, the aging camouflage limousine the family first drove to Alaska keeps breaking down, and Matt decides it's time to say good-bye. Rather than just letting the car rust in pieces, he decides to take the limo to the Glacier View Car Launch, where there's an annual event of sending old cars over a 300-foot cliff. But then the limo breaks down before they can get it there...

The Last Flight of the Limo also features a story about a dead whale, a successful caribou hunt, visit from a PA youth group, and visiting Fairbanks to see the North Lights, and more!

The Last Flight of the Limo is book number 9 in the Alaska Adventure Books about Pennsylvanians living on the Last Frontier.

Each book feature true stories about the family's adventures, with lots of original photography, printed on glossy, full-color pages.

  • Author: Matt Snader
  • Published 2020
  • 224 pages
  • 6 x 9"
  • Book #9 in the Adventures of a Traveling Dog Salesman



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