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10 Handmade Amish & Mennonite Products

Are you looking for unique, handcrafted Amish and Mennonite products for your home or for a gift? We offer several high-quality goods made right here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and other Plain communities around the country. Here are ten unique and handmade items you won’t find in other department and home goods stores.

1. Quoits Outdoor Game Equipment

 Quoits Games

Image Source: The United States Quoiting Association Website

Quoits is a relaxed-paced outdoor game that’s popular among the Amish and Mennonites in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but is great fun for everyone, young and old, everywhere! Just choose a level playing surface, pound in your quoits stakes, and start pitching! We have all the items you need for enjoyable evening with family and friends--brass quoits, iron quoits, quoits stakes and a quoits carrying bag. The brass quoits and stakes are handcrafted in Lancaster County, PA and the iron quoits set is made in Ohio.

2. Croquet Set

Croquet Set

If you’re looking for more outdoor lawn fun, croquet is your game! Lawn croquet is a fun and relaxing activity for all ages. This Pro Croquet Set is beautifully handcrafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Plain Craftsmen at Groffdale Machine Shop. It includes eight color-coded mallets and eight colored balls, nine wickets, two stakes, a storage rack with a handle for easy carrying, and rules and set-up instructions. Gather your friends and family, pick a nice grassy spot and let the fun begin!

3. Lapp’s Wooden Toys

Lapp's Wooden Toys

Lapp’s Wooden Toys is an Amish company in Lancaster, PA. All of their toys are handcrafted with real wood to last for years and years of imagination-fueled fun! Their Wooden Log Truck, Wooden Tractor and Wagon, Wooden Horse and Buggy and Wooden Horse Stable are perfect for your aspiring cowboys, farmers and lumberjacks!

4. Wooden Racetracks

Lapp's Toys Wooden Racetracks

Lapp’s also makes beautiful and sturdy vertical racetracks. Both the Car Roller Racetrack and Marble Racetrack are handcrafted out of real wood, expertly finished for maximum durability and optimal racing speeds!

5. Children’s Aprons

Handmade children's aprons

Youngsters love helping mom around the kitchen, cooking hearty meals and baking sweet treats. And an apron in their size will make them feel special (and keep them a little cleaner!). Our Child’s Apron with Clothespin Dolls and Hello Kitty Child’s Apron are handmade in Lancaster County, PA by women in the Plain Mennonite community.

6. Doll Clothing

Handmade Doll Dress

Looking for a cute new outfit for a baby doll? This adorable handmade Doll Dress and apron has a sweet pink polka dot pattern, and comes with matching apron and bonnet with pretty pink butterflies. It’s made in Lancaster County, PA by Plain seamstresses, and fits 18 inch dolls.

7. Cat & Rat Marble Game Board

Handmade Wooden Game Board

If you haven’t played the Cat & Rat Marble Game, you’re missing out! Cat & Rat is played by chasing other players’ marbles around the board in a race to make it home safely. This homemade wooden game board is handcrafted in Lancaster County, PA. It has two sides to accommodate games of two to four players or up to six players. Don’t forget the Marbles and Dice so you’re all set for a fun game night with friends and family.

8. Rustic Wooden Crate

Handmade Wooden Crate

Craftsmen in Lancaster County, PA have given old tobacco lathes new life as beautiful Rustic Wooden Crates. Each crate is handcrafted with upcycle wood, creating useful storage bins for books, games, tools, sewing supplies and other treasures, or simply as a unique decorative piece in your home.

9. Bird Feeders

Handmade Birdhouses

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is known not only for it’s Amish and Mennonite communities, rolling green pastures and farmlands as far as the eye can see. It’s also known for its numerous types of wild birds. So it’s no wonder we have so many craftsmen making high-quality and unique bird feeders. Smucker’s Gourd Farm, The Woodpecker Family, and Ebersol Poly Crafts are three popular bird feeder and birdhouse makers, offering several styles to choose from.

10. Steel Hairpins

 Fisherwire Hairpins


Amish-made Fisherwire Steel Hairpins are extra strong to secure long hair for an all-day, snag-free hold. Made of stainless steel, these hairpins can be ordered straight or crinkled, coated or uncoated, and brown or black--lots of options for your hair color and preferences!

These handcrafted products make special gifts or unique items to add to your home and share with family and friends. Be sure to check out our full list of all Amish and Mennonite products!

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